Coon·ass , (n) , \ˈkünˌas\

1. A rural outsider mocked for their simplicity and lack of abstract thought. Syn: Hayseed; Hillbilly.
2. A term used to reference a soldier of Alegran origin (Outworlds Alliance). Some natives of Alegro consider it an insult, but many more consider it a compliment or badge of honor exhibiting their hardiness, tenacity and stubbornness in battle.


Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

Specializing in rapid strike and orbital drop operations, they’ve fought as defenders, invaders, liberators and mercenaries.
The men and women of Alpha Company, 2nd Alegro Defenders have traversed the galaxy fighting to protect their small periphery world from the self-interests of the Successor States and other great powers of the Inner Sphere. Often the pawns of forces far more powerful than they, Rogers’ Raiders go into combat knowing that the odds are against them, the stakes are high and reinforcements won’t be coming. And through it all, these brave warriors have always come out on top…for now.

COONASS: The Adventures of Rogers' Raiders (Battletech)

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